World Cup 2018 – Betting and Earthquakes? World Cup 2018 – Betting and Earthquakes?
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World Cup 2018 – Betting and Earthquakes?

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FIFA World Cup 2018

The world cup 2018 is drawing to an end, but that just makes the betting so much more exciting. We have seen many favourites fall short, with Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain falling out early. The one exception is France, a team that many voted for as a favourite to win it all. But will they stand a chance in this World Cup of upsets? Bet on your favourite team at one of our favourite betting sites in the UK Unibet. Or if you want to find all the latest Casino Campaign jump straight to Campaigns.

Odds setters that calculate with advanced models have said there thing clearly. They believe that France will win and bet on France only get between 0,83-0,95 in odds. Croatia, on the other hand, gives 4 times your money on a win.

So what is talking for Croatia?

They annihilated one of the top teams in the world, Argentina, in the group stage. They beat the host team on their home soil. Their team is the best that Croatia ever had, with players like Modric, Mandzukic, Rakitic, Brozovic among others. They make Croatia’s middle field one of the best in the world. Something that can stop Mbappe even before he gets going, something other teams have struggled with.


Croatia is a football-loving country, and that is something that was measurable even by seismic sensors during there game vs England.  In plain words: The whole Croatia jumped so much during the 2-1 goal and at the final whistle that earthquake sensors clearly recognized it. Such power is nothing to be undervalued in betting situations.


As a clear underdog, Croatia is sure to get all the love they need form the audience during the game. That together with the lack of pressure can do wonders for a team. Croatia is hungry, they have a good team and the whole world, excluding France, wants them to win.


Although France is the clear favourite, we do think that the odds are good for a bet on Croatia. 4 times the money on a young and hungry team, that the whole world is cheering for? add that their supporters jump s0 much that it creates small earthquakes and our bet will be on Croatia winning the world cup 2018.


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